“The world does not need more Christian literature. What it needs is more Christians writing good literature.”


Encourage. Equip. Empower.

Kingdom Writers Association (KWA) is a resource center and community for Christian writers of all levels. We believe that San Diego will be the birthplace of books, screenplays, short stories, songs, poems, and more that will advance the Kingdom and rival the legends of old such as JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. San Diego will see the “New Inklings”, authors who are intentional about pulling the stories from the vaults of heaven and writing them on earth. Our vision is to remove the roadblocks that hinder individuals from walking in the fullness of their creative calling so they can impact the Kingdom of God through excellence, writing from heaven to earth. Though based in San Diego, we seek to connect, encourage, equip and empower writers worldwide.  We envision Christian authors flooding the mainstream market with works that honor God and bring generational blessing. To this end, we provide the following:

*  Genre-focused KWA small groups/critique groups are held both virtually and face-to-face throughout San Diego and beyond for writers to collaborate, discuss, and encourage one another's work with the ultimate goal of becoming a published and successful author.

*  Monthly “Writers Gatherings” provide valuable information, community, and ongoing support to build momentum and challenge writers to press on and pursue their God-given calling to write.

*  Ongoing workshops, conferences, and retreats (we call  "advances" ) help writers hone their craft and further their knowledge of the industry.

KWA is a subsidiary of Kingdom Creativity International / Brae & Jill Wyckoff ministries. 

“The world does not need more Christian literature. What it needs is more Christians writing good literature.”
 - C.S. Lewis
Our Mission

Encourage, equip, and empower scribes to pursue their creative destinies and to publish award-winning material across all genres

 with the purpose of reaching more people for Christ.







  • Face-to-face community each month.

  • Online community via FaceBook

  • Biblically based and Spirit-led meetings

  • Celebrating every win---a win for one is a win for the Kingdom! No competition or comparison!

  • Ongoing workshops, conferences, & advances.

  • Monthly gatherings recorded for playback (members only).

  • Discounted one-on-one coaching rates for members.

  • Shared resources

  • Regional critique groups help you write with excellence.

  • KWA intercessors praying for your success.

  • Know you're not alone in the ups and downs of your creative process. We stand with you, provide you with what you need to take you to your next level and empower you to release the work that God has placed in you!

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KWA is a subsidiary of Kingdom Creativity International, a ministry of Brae & Jill Wyckoff. If you have been blessed by this ministry, please consider supporting us as we continue to expand and reach more people for Christ through the creative community. Thank you , in advance, for sowing into this ministry.