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One-on-one Coaching with KWA Director, Brae Wyckoff

“Thanks again for your very helpful coaching session! I have already started working on your suggestions.” - Anne


“Through the excellent, committed, passionate, knowledgeable, inspiring, and divine leadership of Brae, I now have what I need to publish my first manuscript.” - Rikah

Please review available workshops. Most workshops will help you get the breakthrough you need. If you want further coaching then please

email me directly at

Below are some options that people most commonly request from me. Each person is unique so I tailor it to your needs.

Website and Social Media Evaluation  

Review of website, social media channels, and Amazon author page  (1 Hour)

with private ZOOM meeting to review findings. 

Critique first 3 chapters of your book  

Detailed critique and evaluation of your first 3 chapters. (Max 30 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt font, normal margins)


The critique will include the overall direction of your story, character development, sellability, and flow of your voice. This critique is honest, strategic feedback to help you gain clarity, give insight, and pull out the gold within you. 


This does not include editing, however, if there are glaring mistakes they may be highlighted.

Assisted Publishing Package with Brae Wyckoff

Brae Wyckoff will assist you with taking your book from an idea to a finished, polished, published work you can be proud to sell! 

Below are options for assisted publishing that Brae offers. You will need to email Brae directly at to work with him on what you need. He doesn’t take all clients and has an interview process via email.

Publishing services include:

  • Story Content Editing

  • Compelling Back Cover Copy

  • Professional Author Bio

  • Publishing Coaching ranges from the pricing of books, ISBN, Amazon KDP, Ingramspark, LCCN, copyright page, and all interior layout.

  • Cover design, professional formatting

  • Assistance getting your accounts created with Amazon and uploading your book through Kindle Direct Publishing and IngramSpark Publishing. 


Story Content Editing Package: 

$0.043 per word ($1200 minimum if below 28k words)

I will read each chapter and give you a professional critique and evaluation of each chapter. We will work through google docs where you will see my comments. We will have an in-person or Zoom session after the editing to clarify the direction of your book project. I will point out areas that don’t make sense, give insight and direction on the storytelling process, pull the gold out of you, and take you to the next level of your writing career. This will be a deep dive into your story, characters, your writing voice, dialogue, and the overall message you are wanting to achieve. This is for serious writers who want to learn and be coached by a professional. 


Children’s Book Story Content Editing Package:

Please review our publishing tab for children's book publishing with KWA Publishing.

*We will help you from beginning to end and cater to what you need. Do you need an illustrator? What about formatting the book? We've got you covered.


Custom Packages: email Brae Wyckoff at to request your needs and to get a quote.

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