KWA Core Values

COMMUNITY:  We may write alone with God but we surround, support, and exhort in community with one another. We’re better together.


KINGDOM-MINDED:  As Christian writers, we advance the Kingdom through the written word, whether through fiction or non-fiction, covertly or overtly; we carry the message of Christ. Our work is redemptive and life-giving.


PRESENCE: God leads us. The Holy Spirit is in the midst of our community gatherings and empowers us to write. We are intentional about giving Him room to speak when we gather and to collaborate with us when we write. 


COMMITMENT:  Writing is not a hobby. Writing is our response to God’s calling—the fulfillment of our assignment and our destiny. We understand that Kingdom Writers are on the front lines of His scribal army and we are in service to the King.


GROWTH:  We believe in advancing in our craft. We work to become more excellent, not to become more perfect. Excellence over perfectionism—glory to ever-increasing glory. 


HONOR:  We honor our fellow Kingdom writers and we honor the process of writing.


CELEBRATION:  We celebrate wherever we are in our writing process. And we celebrate whenever our fellow Kingdom Writers succeed. A win for one is a win for the Kingdom, and a win for the Kingdom is a win for all.

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KWA is a subsidiary of Kingdom Creativity International, a ministry of Brae & Jill Wyckoff. If you have been blessed by this ministry, please consider supporting us as we continue to expand and reach more people for Christ through the creative community. Thank you , in advance, for sowing into this ministry.
DISCLAIMER: KWA provides guest speakers periodically for the purpose of encouraging, equipping, and empowering writers. As an organization, KWA promotes Christian values and the truth of the Holy Bible. We believe that God the Father designed us to fulfill His purpose and respond to His calling; that  He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to save us and His Holy Spirit to empower us. Please be advised that KWA does not, nor can it affirm or endorse the theological beliefs of all our speakers.