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Critique Groups

At KWA, we encourage those who are actively writing to be part of a critique group. These groups help writers strengthen their skills through supportive, thoughtful, and useful critique. 


Typically, critique groups meet weekly and look something like this:


 - Group consists of 3-8 people and has a Facilitator who directs the group.


 - Group member provides up to 5 pages of their work to each of the other members. 

    (Times New Roman, 12pt, double-spaced, normal margins).


 - Individuals read their 5 pages out loud while the other members follow along and make

    notes on their copies.


 - The group follows with critique which includes both positive feedback and suggestions

    for changes. 


 - Individuals take turns reading until everyone in the group has had a chance to read and

    receive feedback.


Group Meeting
In a Meeting

Facilitators for KWA Critique Groups...

  • Must be KWA members (attendees of the group are not required to be members).


  • Can choose to have their groups follow the outline referenced above or customize it. The ultimate goal is to gather, read each others’ work, and give constructive feedback.


  • Can choose to meet face-to-face or online.


  • Can determine the day, time, location, and duration of the meeting.


  • Can choose a co-facilitator to assist.

If you would like to facilitate a KWA critique group, please click the arrow and submit your request along with the location, days/times of your group.

KWA Critique Group Attendees...

  • Must be actively writing and prepared to share their work according to the facilitator’s requirements for that group.


  • Should plan to attend regularly.


  • Should give honest and helpful feedback to fellow attendees and refrain from being overly flattering or overly critical, neither of which is beneficial to the writer.


  • Have the authority to apply suggested feedback to their work or reject it. 


  • Should not present the same work more than once.

If you would like to join a KWA critique group, please post a request on our KWA Facebook page.

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