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At KWA, writing is not a hobby. New books, magazines, and music are being produced on an ongoing basis. We're honored to share the works of our members with you.


DISCLOSURE: This document lists publications by KWA members, both current works and works published prior to membership. At KWA, we encourage, equip, and empower writers to produce works that build up the body of believers. We also disciple writers who are called to leave the 99 to go after the 1–-the unchurched and the lost. In other words, write books not meant for a Christian audience. Our authors are producing work that is restoring and igniting the worldwide church. Many are planting seeds of righteousness through their children's books and YA novels. And some are stirring something in the heart of those who are lost, hopeless, and suffering. These books cross all genres with the intention to advance the Kingdom and see Jesus glorified. To that end, we will not allow books that teach a false doctrine. At KWA, we adhere to a historic Christian worldview. Click the link below to see our statement of faith.


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