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Castrillon, Andres

Chapter Leader / Cali, Colombia

Andrés is a talented and creative actor, comedian, theater and movie director. He is also a passionate worship leader. His love for people is manifested in everything he does and creates.

He has been bringing life-changing training experiences for well-known companies for over 15 years. He uses drama as a way to connect with people and their hearts, in order to talk about customer service, habits, assertive communication and difficult topics that only His grace, art, humor and writing can help people process and overcome.

​Andres currently enjoys his time writing multiple books, workshops and translating books from English-Spanish. Guess what? His first movie script is ready!

​He and his wife are blessed to have an itinerant ministry and are willing to say “yes” to go wherever He sends them to touch the world, like God touches their lives. They love connecting with people and rejoice in multicultural experiences that reflect His supernatural creativity!

​Andres has been married to Maria for over 16 years and he’s honored to be called “dad” by David and Juan Pablo.

Castrillon, Andres
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