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Lucas, Michelle

Chapter Leader / Boise, ID

Michelle is a true creative; writer, artist, photographer, singer-songwriter, speaker, sculptor, and more. She loves using her gifts and talents to encourage and uplift others to pursue their dreams and never give up. Music and writing have always been part of Michelle’s life. She was encouraged in art and creative writing as a young child and wrote her first song at the age of 11. Michelle has written over 150 songs and counting with an EP on iTunes with more in the works. Michelle expresses, “Creativity is all around us. I always have a melody, a tune on my mind and lyric to be written down on a napkin or notepad. Stories are waiting to be told, encouraging thoughts are waiting to be said. What an honor it is to the ‘pen of the Lord’. I often tell people I get ‘downloads’ from God and that’s exactly how it feels. This is my gift and it’s my joy to share it and bring out the gifts in others!”

​Married for 35 years in 2021 to her husband Michael, who is also working on a book! Together they have three children and grandchildren with the sixth grandchild on the way. Family is essential to Michelle, which is what brought them to move to the Treasure Valley in Idaho in 2018. Michelle is currently working on three book projects; a self-help book, Staying Married in the Land of Divorce; a novel titled, The Silver Locket and a series of faith-based Children’s books, The Adventures of Molly and Mr. Bear.

Now in Idaho, Michelle leads the Boise Chapter for KWA; launched in January of 2021. We are expecting great things from the Treasure Valley! If you live in the Treasure Valley, ID be sure to check out the group page,

​For more information on Michelle, please visit her website and Facebook pages.

Lucas, Michelle
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