Ragle, Katheryn

Chapter Leader / Somerset, KY

Author/Publisher Katheryn Ragle is an active participant in promoting authors and getting their work published. She heads a writing program at Books & Things / The Writing Nook in Somerset, KY, where she is also part owner. In addition to conducting writing classes there she runs a local gift shop onsite as well.

Website: the-writing-nook.us

Wife and mother of three, Katheryn has published nine books of her own that vary from mystery thrillers to romance and children's books.

​Katheryn Ragle helps people of all ages get published through Gibson-Ragle Publishing Co. She is also a coordinator of a program called ‘Art of the Spoken Word’ where people are motivated to express their poetry, songs and readings to an encouraging audience. Katheryn teaches people how to find their inner selves and to be able to express themselves publicly.


Ragle, Katheryn