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Scott, C.J.

Chapter Leader / Oceanside CA

Born in Denver, Colorado, CJ lived there until 1990 when she drove to California with her two young sons. She established herself at work as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and in a church she came to love. Her sons did well in school.

One day she picked up a copy of the “Good News” newspaper and came across an article about and picture of a Kingdom Writers Association meeting. She had always been interested in reading and writing so she decided to give it a shot. She attended her first KWA meeting and she was hooked! She became a member in November of 2017.

With the help of her friends at KWA, CJ was able to publish her first book in June of 2020. “Escaping Satan’s Grasp” is a novelized memoir published under a pseudonym. It never would have happened without KWA and a critique group she became involved in.

CJ is currently working on an historical fiction novel based on a Scripture passage from Chronicles (I Chronicles 7:24). Holy Spirit directed CJ to write this book even though the main character is only mentioned in that one passage. He is faithful!

CJ has a new critique group and is excited to be leading the Oceanside chapter of KWA.

Scott, C.J.
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