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Holman, Dr. Cindy

Prophetic Director

Dr. Cindy Holman is an author, teacher, and prophet. With a strong passion to share the true heart of love the Father has for His children, she speaks the truth in a way that will help you find your true identity in Him. She has a doctorate from Wagner Leadership Institute and a Masters’ Degree in Reading and Language Arts. She taught young children for 30 years and has a unique view of what it means to be childlike. Cindy has been certified as a Prophetic Consultant and Teacher through Keith Ferrante’s ministry, Emerging Prophets. Her gentle voice holds an authority that flows from Heaven, and she is most at home in a place of worship in communion with God.

Current publications include:
(For Adults)
Finding Your Place on the Seven Mountains: A Thirty Day Exploration of Your Giftings and Callings
Forgetting What Lies Behind: A 31 Day Journey to Freedom
The Trinity Journals – The Jesus Journal, The Father Journal, The Holy Spirit Journal
Writing Season: Basic Steps to Creating a Book For Your Ministry

For Children)
The Seven Mountains of Culture
The Seven Mountain Series – I’m In a Family, I Am a Pilgrim, I Am a Teacher, I Am in Business, I Am in Government, I Am in Media, I Am an Artist, I Am an Athlete
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Holman, Dr. Cindy
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