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Wyckoff, Jill

KWA Assistant Director

Jill Wyckoff is an encounter artist, storyteller, and motivational speaker. She uses a variety of creative disciplines to encounter people with the goodness of God; to bring wholeness and restoration. She is the author of Supernatural Creativity, Creating with God for restorative impact, a masterclass in helping readers discover and walk out their true identity in Christ and their unique role to play in His army of creatives. In Supernatural Creativity, she sheds light on misconceptions, challenges, destructive or erroneous thinking, and breaks through fear, comparison, and other creativity killers. Through Biblical foundations, first-hand experience, engaging testimonies, science, poetry, art, reflection, activations, and a heaping dollop of humor, Jill nourishes the creative soul and inspires readers into action.

In addition, Jill authored a work of creative nonfiction, Once Upon A Backpack, Innocence shattered, dreams destroyed, and the encounter that changed everything. Also a multimedia theatrical event and audio experience, this raw and relevant production boasts spoken word, dance, storytelling, riveting video, and an emotionally charged original music score. Once Upon A Backpack helps people offload their own backpack of lies and step into the freedom of their true identity. (Not recommended for children under the age of 13—parental discretion advised.)

An ordained pastor, Jill is the Co-Founder of Kingdom Creativity International and Assistant Director of Kingdom Writers Association, which serves Christian creatives around the world to encourage, equip, and empower them to use their gifts to advance the Kingdom. She and her husband, Brae, also do itinerant ministry, passionately preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in churches, and on the mission field, both locally and abroad.

Jill is blessed to be Mom to three married children and Grandma/Bubba to seven beautiful grandchildren (her bliss!). She is “all in” with Jesus and considers herself blessed beyond measure to be serving Him alongside her husband, Brae.


Wyckoff, Jill
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