Fraser, Neil

Vision Lead / San Diego, CA

Since his teenage years, Neil Fraser spent over thirty years studying and working as a computer programmer, math tutor, and math teacher. During this time he encountered Trinity, launched into his lifelong intimate journey with Trinity, and started to write worshipful, contemplative, devotional poetry. First, the poems came as a trickle; the first five poems took fifteen years to write.

Neil has been blessed with thirty eight years of marriage to his better half, Reda Fraser. He enjoys walking by and swimming in the ocean, gardening, reading, and writing.

Neil came to KWA in the second month the group met. His heart was to inspire his readers to appreciate their own unique intimate journey with God, but ravenously desire and achieve more. He knew he had found the community he needed to get published. The first draft of his first book of Psalmic, worshipful, devotional prayers was done. But he was stuck. Now there are six book in the Beholding God series that he has written, formatted, and done the cover design for.

At present he has these writing goals. First, finish the next book in the Beholding God series. Second, find and work with an illustrator to collaborate with for a series of four young children’s books on the theme of beholding God he has written. Third, release his current and future books as e-books and self-narrated audio books.

Fraser, Neil