Oettterer, Joela

Southern Oregon Chapter Lead Intercessor

Joela Oetterer is an award-winning author, fabric artist, and multi-faceted creative utilizing her many talents and passions to advance the Kingdom.

God has released many breakthroughs in her family by writing the book “Family is Relative” and knows that there will be many more once published. Her children’s series, “Jojo Whatcha Know,” and her fan-fiction book “Scrooge: Renewed with Redemption” are on the back burner until then.

When He asked her to start the sewing ministry, Comfort with Comforters, she said, “Yes, Papa,” even though she didn’t know what that meant or even what to do. Through her partnership with God, together, they shared His love, comforting the community through CwC’s various outreaches.

She has traveled to the UK to speak on creating supernaturally and impart her childlike faith & creativity to children and adults.

Joela has been an intercessor for the last 11 years. She was a Medford Healing Rooms intercessor for two years.

Originally from Central California, she has called Southern Oregon her home for 13 years. She is happily married to Tony that supports all the various things that God has her do. He said, “When she hears from God, you have to either help or get out of her way as nothing will stop her from accomplishing what He has asked her to do.” She has three grown children and seven grandchildren that cheer her on from across the country.

Oettterer, Joela