Thomas, Rikah

Vision Lead / San Diego, CA

Rikah Thomas, an award-winning artist, is a mentor, teacher, and author. She enjoys inspiring hearts and minds through words and art as she shares her life’s journey from emotional chaos and brokenness to one of wellness and joy.

Rikah’s love for words started when she was very young, inspiring her to write her first poem at age six. Always a contemplative person, her deep and thoughtful nature, big heart, inquisitive mind, and abiding love for God and others continues to inspire her poetry, devotions, short stories, and prose. She has also written and taught spiritual growth classes, curriculum, and children’s stories to encourage others in their relationship with self and God. These have been birthed from her struggles, victories, and authentic experiences with change, trauma, family, workplace, church, and the mission field where she lived for ten years.

Rikah continues to enjoy life with her husband, children, friends, three dogs, and four parakeets. Her passion is to love well, have fun, and help others see what a treasure they are. She enjoys all things thought-provoking or simply entertaining – books, movies, songs, plays, and good T.V. shows. She is currently working on her second book and new art pieces.

Rikah is an active member of Kingdom Writers Association and has been a member of the Christian Writers Guild for several years. She is a pastor’s wife of 29 years and continues to serve alongside her husband at the church they planted in Chula Vista, California. She received her Biblical Studies training and certification from Liberty University.

Check out her website for updates, blogs, and upcoming book information or to commission an art piece.

Thomas, Rikah